Our Story

At PODiSTA, we believe if you can get the very same, rich, full-flavoured intensity – and that heady, dreamy aroma of a coffee from a capsule – why wouldn’t you?

And one other thing, we don’t like emptying our bank account every time we have a coffee, just so George Clooney can build another wing on his pad at Lake Como.

It’s not often you’ll hear this, but we offer the world’s first – one more time – world’s first, multi-beverage range of pods…5 varieties of coffees and 5 flavours of hot chocolate and 1 variant of Iced Coffee.

That’s why we're here. PODiSTA - With a vision to change the way the entire world uses Nespresso®* coffee machines.

The term ‘state-of-the-art’ is thrown around so glibly these days, so when it comes to our production line, let’s just say – if it was any more advanced it would be scary.

We chose our name PODiSTA very carefully – you can probably see where we’re going with this. Using next generation pod technology – we give you nothing short of barista quality coffee – from a pod…get it?

And – we’ve only just begun…

We’ve developed these pods to suit your taste – literally. PODiSTA pods have been especially created to cater for however you like your coffee, with high intensity coffees and chocolates being specifically designed to cut through milk for the ultimate full flavour taste.

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